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OMG Politics!

I have a self-imposed rule of not posting anything political or religous on Facebook. I have no such qualms on my blog, but since my political posts are few and far between, I’m putting the content of the post after the break so my home page is filled with things that are funner. Yes… “funner” is a word. Shut up.


Why the Blind Support?

Palestinian RubbleI have to admit that I don’t understand. I haven’t understood for a long time.

Why… why does the US always blindly support Israel no matter what it does?

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m certainly not suggesting that the actions of Hamas and the Palestinians have been any great representation of moral superiority… far from it… but Israel certainly is no better. I’ve heard people say that Israel is just protecting itself from Palestinian aggression, but the same has been said of the Palestinians (who certainly seem to have body count on their side of the argument).

Palestinians seem to have a reprehensible tendency to employ suicide bombings and somewhat random missile attacks (for which I’ll blame Hamas) which tend to predominantly kill and injure Israeli civilians. Israel tends to employ more targeted all-out military actions that kill dozens if not hundreds of Palestinians (including some civilians) and destroy buildings and homes with wanton abandon.

I cannot see how either antagonist in this conflict can, in good conscience, be supported, yet the United States continually and unequivocally sides with Israel. Yes, some officials call for bilateral cease fires and there are numerous impotent “peace plans” suggested and implemented, but all of them start from the assumption that Israel is the victim and deserves our unquestioning and unwavering support.

I fully admit that I am not as well versed in history as I could be in this matter, however I’ve been paying attention to the situation for some years now and I find both sides to be despicable. The history that I do know tells me that this entire situation is a petty religious conflict that has little to no possible chance of being resolved peacefully. Nor does it have a chance of being resolved militarily.

So why the support for Israel? Is it political fear of being painted as an anti-semite? Is it some sense of misplaced duty to uphold a 1947 United Nations resolution? Is it the lack of other allies in the region? Is it some ancient Biblical text promising the land to the Jews? I just don’t get it.

I’ve seen, read, and heard nothing that would justify the blind support of a country whose actions are just as disgraceful as those of their enemy.