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August, 2014:

Roasted Red Peppers…

…stuffed with onions, bacon, cheese, and some sourdough break cubes, then roasted in a small foil pan covered with foil on my Holland Grill. This tasted phenomenal! It turned out way better than I expected.

Roasted red peppers stuffed with bacon, cheese, and onions

Of all the things to complain about…

Diner PlacematLori and I went to a diner in York yesterday that neither of us had been to, but has been around for upwards of 20 years, I think. The decor was in the classic “70’s American Truck stop” style with potted plastic plants hanging from macramé holders, hanging lights of yellowed glass, and paper placemats covered with ads for local businesses. The wait staff was mostly comprised of retirement-age women who had seemingly lost the ability to smile or to speak with any kind of inflection. The food was average; not bad, not great. I wondered how a place like this could stay in business for as long as it has.

Looking around at the other patrons, I noticed that the average age was probably somewhere between 70 – 90 and, like the wait staff, the clientele was comprised of folks who were unsmiling and joyless.

What made the visit noteworthy for me, however, despite all this bland and lifeless mediocrity, was an elderly couple who came in and sat in a booth next to us. The man was wearing a polo shirt, shorts, and sneakers… with the classic calf-length black socks. He seemed to be particularly grumpy and after looking over the menu, he put it aside and started perusing the ad-covered placemat. After about 20-30 seconds of that, he said to his wife, “I wish they’d get new placemats in here.”

I think the guy may have been in a rut.