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July, 2013:

Creek Kayaking

Lori and I went kayaking with some friends (same friends as the July 4th fireworks trip) on Fishing Creek in Watsontown, PA. It was Lori’s first time on moving water and only my second. The water was pretty low in places, but there was plenty of movement for a lot of fun, but still allow for a relaxing time on the water. It was a gorgeous day and the scenery was fantastic… just a great day overall!

Fireworks from my kayak

Lori and I went to Watsontown for the 4th of July weekend and went out on the Susquehanna River with some friends to watch the fireworks. I’m pretty sure it was the best time I’ve ever had watching fireworks. The sound carried right up the river. The reflection on the water was beautiful. It was relaxing. There were no crowds.

I got some video but it’s a bit grainy because my video camera isn’t very good in low light, but it gives a little bit of the sense of the evening.