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May, 2012:

The Common Loon

The Common LoonAt the "State" Fair at my daughter’s school today (where all the students show off the projects they did about their selected US state), I just found out that the state bird of Minnesota is the Common Loon (also known as the Great Northern Loon).

It struck me as wholly appropriate, given that Minnesota is the home state of Michele Bachmann.

It’s got to be a coincidence, right? Right?!

Now THAT’S an omelet!


Breakfast on Memorial Day. Onions, red peppers, broccoli, corn, and grilled chicken… and cheese, of course.

Obviously, it all belongs to Peanut


…at least as far as she’s concerned.

Carl Sagan on Silent Assent

If we offer too much silent assent about mysticism and superstition – even when it seems to be doing a little good – we abet a general climate in which skepticism is considered impolite, science tiresome, and rigorous thinking somehow stuffy and inappropriate. Figuring out a prudent balance takes wisdom.

– Carl Sagan

Great quotes about marriage equality

I had planned to write something about Obama’s announcement regarding his support for marriage equality (which was long overdue, I think), but decided to just post a couple quotes I found in a discussion thread started by Phil Plait.

From Steve Keller:

"Language and culture" do not define marriage or its purpose. The laws put in place that provide the legal benefits and responsibility of marriage do. Being denied those benefits and responsibilities because someone else says you don’t deserve them – well, that right there is the very definition of a civil rights violation.

From Owen Roberts:

It is a VERY simple issue. You either believe in human rights or you don’t. i.e. You believe that the same rights apply to ALL humans, or you believe that some are more deserving than others.

Pancho the Coati

We got to interact with this little guy a few times while at the Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso in Mexico last week. He’d show up at the breakfast buffet and beg for food (mostly the sugar-coated kind) from the guests. The staff named him Pancho.