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OMGZOR! Heat Wave!!!

Amusingly, temperatures in Colorado (home of the National Weather Service Forecast Office) for the past few days have been higher than average, but all those people who were decrying global warming during the snowstorms this winter aren’t piping up about the above average heat.

It seems their lack of understanding about global warming only goes in one direction.


  1. Thomas Shafer says:

    Richard S. Lindzen, atmospheric physicist and professor at MIT, said [on the issue of whether or not the Climate Change Bill is dead in Congress]:

    It is difficult to see what, other than cupidity, could lead to any gathering momentum. In point of fact, nothing proposed would have any discernible impact on climate regardless of one’s views on climate science. Rather, the legislation would simply be another mix of payoffs and taxes. Public concern over climate is sinking. The science is increasingly acknowledged as being far from certain and even dubious. Scandals, while being denied, are clearly real. Claims of certainty are being endorsed by professional societies with no expertise (presumably under pressure from the environmental enthusiasts in the White House) while many actual scientists are acknowledging severe problems. The situation is quite a mess, and, I suspect that many politicians sense this. Supporting such legislation gets ever riskier. Atop all this, the developing world is more clearly and vocally identifying carbon control with attempts to stifle desperately needed development — which is to say that the issue is developing a patina of profound immorality.

  2. Thomas Shafer says:

    More peer-reviewed research showing showing the Earth has gone through climate periods as warm, and warmer than what we are experiencing now. “…Bhattacharyya et al. report that their climatic reconstruction revealed a ‘warm and moist climate, similar to the prevailing present-day conditions,’ around AD 240, and ‘warmer around AD 985 corresponding to the Medieval Warm Period…’ ”

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