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April, 2010:

Tassimo Coffee Maker, FTW!

Bosch Tassimo Coffee Maker

For an anniversary present, Lori got me this single-serving coffee maker by Tassimo (made by Bosch) that uses T-Disks to brew up a single cup of coffee.

The brewing process takes about a minute (if that) and, with the Gevalia disks that I have, fills up my travel mug perfectly with great coffee.

Since Lori usually likes her coffee a little weaker than I do (and sometimes likes flavored coffee, which I tend to find nasty for the most part), I rarely drink coffee at home, letting her have control of the main coffee pot and occasionally breaking out my percolator to make my own coffee.

But now she has effectively stopped my whining with this machine. There are dozens of coffee choices, as well as tea, hot chocolate, lattes, espressos, and cappuccinos available for it, so theoretically, I could have a different type of coffee every day of the week.

…at the touch of a button. w00t!

Rachel calls bull-pucky

Phil Plait is a Rachel Maddow fanboi and I can’t say I blame him. Though Rachel is fallible and has made mistakes before, more often than not, she hits the proverbial nail on the head, so when she gave her commentary on Climategate, the ACORN “scandal,” and other right-wing nonsense, Phil couldn’t resist linking to her video (and commenting on it…worth a read)… and I couldn’t resist watching it.

Another dead-on hammer-strike.

Phil rightly comments that the far right doesn’t have the copyright on nonsense, but the Republican “unholy alliance” it has formed with fundamentalist religion has led it to its anti-reality stance.

He concludes with this…

Global warming is real. Evolution is real. Vaccines do not cause autism. Homeopathy doesn’t work. These are facts, and they don’t care whether or not denialists spin, fold, and mutilate them. Until we face up to reality, however, they will spin, fold, and mutilate us.

I’ll drink to that.

OMGZOR! Heat Wave!!!

Amusingly, temperatures in Colorado (home of the National Weather Service Forecast Office) for the past few days have been higher than average, but all those people who were decrying global warming during the snowstorms this winter aren’t piping up about the above average heat.

It seems their lack of understanding about global warming only goes in one direction.