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March, 2009:

Off to Vancouver

StargateWednesday, a couple friends and I are heading off to Vancouver for the official Stargate convention. It’s a wonderfully geeky time and it’s sure to be a blast.

We’re going in serious style this year… flying first class, taking a limo to the hotel, staying in the hotel’s largest suite on the exclusive executive floor… what could be better!?

Okay… I’m sure you can think of a few things, but you can dream about them all you want while I chow down on my free breakfast at the exclusive Opal Lounge on the exclusive 18th floor. Nyah!

What a Load of Crap!

Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA) has announced that he will oppose the misnamed “Employee Free Choice Act” which he previously supported. That’s good news as far as I’m concerned because at least he’ll be nullifying the support given by¬† Senator Casey (D-PA) for the legislation.

What’s absurd is Change to Win chairperson Anna Burger’s statement about the Employee Free Choice Act.

The Employee Free Choice Act is a vital component to restoring our economy, rebuilding the middle class and renewing the American Dream for America’s workers. Allowing workers the choice to join together, free from intimidation and harassment, to bargain for job security, better wages and health care will stimulate our economy and put working families back on the path of prosperity. We will continue to work with Democrats and Republicans, including Sen. Specter, to pass this critical legislation and make our economy work for everyone.

Now that is a load of repulsively odiferous crap.

The statement about allowing workers to join together, free from intimidation and harassment is complete nonsense. They can already do that now, with less potential intimidation and harassment than they would be subjected to if this legislation would pass! Allowing the EFCA to pass would be like opening the virtual floodgates of uninhibited union harassment onto employees… with no repercussions… which is why unions desperately want this to pass. By taking away any practical chance of a secret ballot election, the EFCA would completely remove the current protection granted by anonymity, letting the union know exactly who it needs to target and where to apply the pressure, making harassment and intimidation its key tools. Getting employees to submit to union representation, willing or not, would never be easier.

The EFCA would remove employee choice, negate employee rights, and open a Pandora’s Box of harassment and intimidation abuses that haven’t been seen for decades.

And that is not good for the economy.

Oh, I STILL have this dream!

Another gem from xkcd

xkcd Students

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Employee Free Choice Act Opposition

Ballot BoxI wrote a letter today to Senator Casey of Pennsylvania urging him to oppose the grossly misnamed “Employee Free Choice Act” which unions desperately want to pass in order to make unionization much, much easier. I say that the proposed legislation is grossly misnamed because it essentially removes an employee’s free choice in the matter by removing any anonymity from the unionization process.

Currently, when a union wants to get into a company, they need to get at least 30% of the employees to sign cards stating that they’d like union representation. After that, the company can decide to hold a secret ballot election to determine if a majority of employees want union representation. The company doesn’t have to hold the elections. They can just agree to union representation if they want, but that’s a rare (if not nonexistent) happening. Typically, unions try to get 50-60% of the employees to sign cards before moving on to the election in order to bolster their chances for success.

The EFCA effectively removes the secret ballot election, thereby removing any and all employee anonymity in the unionization process. Supporters claim that it does not remove the secret ballot elections and technically, they are correct. They say that it moves the choice of whether to have one from the company to the employees, giving the employees even more say in how the process works. The reality, however, is that they are gone.


Might as well…

Sarah Palin 2012

I think I laughed so hard that soda came out my nose.

I am so incredibly creeped out

This is perhaps the creepiest video I have ever seen. If I’ve seen anything creepier, I can’t current think of it. I’m pretty sure I’m going to have nightmares about this for at least a week… maybe a month.


Pomodoro’s Restaurant in York is Finished

Angry ChefMy daughter’s godparents were attacked last night at Pomodoro’s Restaurant in York (South York Plaza) for not liking an Italian dish served there. Their daughter was taking them out for her father’s 50th birthday and expected to have a wonderful evening. Instead, they got some good food, some not-so-good food, and an angry chef with a kitchen staff posse beating them up.

Here’s what happened in her words [sic].

Last night while dining at Pomodoro’s Italian Resturant and Grill on Pauline Drive (formerly Scotto’s) my family and I encountered something that words cannot described. We were enjoying our time celebrating my fathers 50th birthday (which is today). We were having a great time having many laughs. When our entree’s came to the table all of our meal’s all of them were good, except for one. My mother ordered Rissoto with mushrooms, which was overloaded with raw garlic. Overloaded to the point where she could not eat it. She let our server know and he immediately went back to the kitchen to tell the chef that it wasn’t to her tasting. With that said, a whole night of events insued. The server came to the table and told us that the chef insisted that the meal was cooked to perfection and what we were tasting was truffle oil (which is not garlic flavored). When the check came he told us that he negotiated with the chef and they decided to take a different (more inexpensive) meal off of the check. My father insisted on speaking to the resturant’s manager to get the matter resolved. She came to the table and had no idea what had happened or that we had any issues. My sister, myself and my aunt went outside so that my parents could finish up with the bill. In the 5minutes that we were outside, through the window we saw the chef come barging out of the kitchen and start yelling. Insulting my mother saying that she doesn’t know how to eat and that this dish was perfect. (Anyone who knows my mother knows that we are Italian and grew up in the buisness) When my father told them that she just simply didn’t like it the chef tore the check out of his hand and told him to get the fuck out of the resturant. That is when it really went down hill.

This man felt it necissary to shove my parents out of the establishment and when they got outside a different man who was about 6’4 started yelling at my dad and when my dad told him ,back the fuck off the many shoved him and then started to punch him. As he was doing this 4 other members of the kitchen felt it necissary to come out of the resturant and all 5 of them knock my father to the ground and continue punching him in the face, kick him in the stomach and beat him with their shoes. Needless to say the police were called and within seconds 5 York Area Regional officers were on scene, along with an ambulance. Police reports have been given and my father was in the hospital until almost 1:30am. He does not have any broken bones and is still sore, but because someone didn’t care for the tast of rissoto he ended up with a chipped tooth, busted lip, gash on his forehead, a swollen jaw, and contusions to his arms. Not only a royal ass beating on the eve of his 50th birthday.

Other patrons at the restaurant backed up their story to the police, so evidently the chef and the staff are just crazy people. I’ve eaten there once before (when it was Scotto’s) but not for quite awhile. You can be sure I won’t be going there… oh… ever.

From what their attorney told them, after that incident, the restaurant won’t be in business much longer anyway.

Talk about not taking criticism well.

Back from Mexico

My family just got back from the Riviera Maya in Mexico where we stayed for about a week at a the Barcelo Maya Palace, an all-inclusive resort a bit south of Playa Del Carmen. While hanging out reading one day, I decided to goof around with some photo tricks and did the following pictures. Silly fun.

Self Help

Self Help

No Monkey!

No Monkey!