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August 29th, 2008:

Yay, Palin!

Okay, well… not so much “Yay!”

I’ve been on the fence about who to vote for in this election. I want out of Iraq, which McCain won’t do and Obama says he will. I don’t want an overtly religious president, which Obama definately is and McCain is not. Obama seems all about fluff talk while McCain seems to give more spin talk. McCain seems like an old-school, tow-the-line, Washington insider politician and Obama seems like a smiling used car salesman who’s going to take your money and send you off in a run down beater with ripped vinyl seats.

So I heard that McCain picked Palin for his running mate and did some reading about her… anything from mainstream news site articles to Wikipedia. She seems pretty straightforward (other than some ethics investigation or somesuch, but what politician isn’t guilty of some kind of ethics impropriety?)… classic Republican fit-the-mold type.

Then I read that she had advocated teaching creationism along with evolution in high school, which immediately disqualified her from my ever considering supporting her role as a government official. However, that isn’t really the whole story. She’s not, evidently, some sort of hard-core creationist pushing it down the throats of school boards. She followed up her creationism support statement a day later by saying that it doesn’t have to be part of the curriculum, but if debate about it comes up, it shouldn’t be disallowed

As Charles of Little Green Footballs said, “Looks like Palin made an off-the-cuff statement during a debate on a hot topic, didn’t really expect the criticism she’d get, and then softened her position considerably in a follow-up interview.”

So now I’m wavering again.  Perhaps she is supportive of creationism, but just wanted to avoid the uproar or perhaps she did simply make an off-the-cuff and uninformed statement. Either thing is pretty bad in my book, but I’ll have to dig into her biographical information a little more before I disavow her completely.