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May, 2008:

The Dream Ticket

So a lot of people are speculating about whether Hillary will end up being Obama’s Vice-Presidential running mate and they’re calling it the “Dream Ticket.” I was somewhat ambivalent about it until today when I heard that John Edwards threw his support behind Obama. Then I started thinking that what I’d really like to see is a ticket with Barack Obama and John Edwards. I think that would be a ticket that would easily defeat McCain and would toss a whole lot of “change” into the system… at least philosophically and rhetorically. Whether anything would actually change is another matter, but those two gentlemen would be able to pull in votes from pretty much every demographic that exists (other than right-wing Bush minion/acolytes).

I’m not sure if I really like their proposed policies, but I’m thinking that they’d take the country in a direction almost a polar opposite from where it’s been going and that would definately be a good thing… at least for awhile… until we reach some sort of ideological center point again.