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May, 2007:

Soldiers’ Deaths Don’t Matter?

In reference to the Republican support for the president’s Iraq strategy not holding out all that much longer, Representative Thomas M. Davis III (Republican – Va.) said the following…

The key for everybody is to try to find a way to declare victory and get out of there.

So in essence, what he’s saying is that, in order to get out of Iraq, we need to find a way to save face and claim that it’s a victory. We don’t need to actually have a victory… just be able to spin it that way.

I think that’s possibly the pinnacle of self-centered absurdity. It seems the Bush administration (and its supporters) are willing to continue to sacrifice lives in order to “save face” and not harm Bush’s evidently fragile ego. Based on Davis’s comment, they’re not staying there to help Iraq or to bring stability to the region (since it’s obvious that the opposite has happened), but they’re staying there so that they don’t have to say “Oops.”

Link to the MSNBC article here: